At the Dentistry Department of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education

was founded on September, 2013.

The Head of the Department Professor Cherkashyn Spepan Ivanovich


The Head of Department: D.Sc. in Dentistry, Professor Cherkashyn Spepan I.

Associate professors: Ph.D. in Dentistry Machogan V.R.,

Ph.D. in Pathological Physiology Fedirko G.V.,

Ph.D. in Dentistry Luchinkyi V.M.,

Ph.D. in Biochemistry Shcherba V.V.,

Ph.D. in Pathological Physiology Duda K.M.,

Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacy Lebid O.I.

Senior laborant: Sampara M.Z.

Timely visit to the dentist will help to avoid the dental treatment!

Adress: Chehova 3,Chehova 7 str., Ternopil, 46001

Tel. (0352) 25-98-02